About Micro Genesis 

MicroGenesis was founded out of the desire to create a better tasting microgreen. We've developed and deployed a unique method of producing our microgreens that yields a more consistent, nutrient-rich, and vibrantly colored product. While many microgreen producers choose to grow their greens in a hydroponic medium, we use soil to grow our microgreens. This puts just a little bit of strain on the plant, which ultimately yields a microgreen that is higher in quality, flavor, and color. 

We've also developed a first of its kind rating system, the True Leaf Stages, that were developed specifically to help chefs procure a consistent product each and every time. Learn more about our True Leaf Stages here

About Jordon 

After receiving a B.S. in Horticulture from West Virginia University in 2015, Jordon Masters entered the West Virginia Collegiate Business Plan Competition in 2015.  After winning the competition, he set out to turn what was just an entry into a competition into a viable business. 

Through a remarkable amount of research and development, Jordon put together a business plan and set out to change the world of microgreen production. Since its launch, Micro Genesis has added a number of employees and continues to grow. It has been an exciting journey to combined science, agriculture and food.