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Microgreens with a mission 

When we began MicroGenesis, it was incredibly important to us that our company had a purpose beyond just growing the best microgreens. We knew that having a mission that was deeper, and more impactful would make the work we do that much more important. 

Developing new methods of growing and distributing microgreens is incredibly precise and intensive work. However, once the greens have started to sprout, the upkeep and maintenance of the final stages can be is a process that is easy to teach. We saw an opportunity to help others through microgreens. 

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We Grow Hope - Microgenesis microgreens

HOPE Project is an initiative started by Taziki's Mediterranean Restaurants with a mission to help employ students with disabilities and at-risk youth. Gaining paid employment is one of the biggest hurdles for these two groups to jump, and once obtained, can be transformative. 

This project provides a number of avenues to achieve this goal, but one, in particular, allowed for an awesome partnership with MicroGenesis and HOPE Project. 

Taziki's has piloted a program that places a living herb garden wall in their restaurants that is tended to and maintained by a special needs employee. So far, the results have been terrific. 

First, and most importantly, this provides a 10-15 hour a week job for someone who otherwise might not be employed. This has a profound effect on their own self-esteem and quality of life. Beyond cultivating independence, these employees share their infectiously positive attitudes with the rest of the staff, helping to increase the morale of all of the employees and also teaching an important lesson about the capabilities of special needs individuals. 

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