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MicroGenesis superior Microgreens

Microgreens from MicroGenesis

At MicroGenesis we have worked with chefs from around the country to develop a microgreen product that meets the strict requirements of chefs, has amazing flavor and superior durability. MicroGenesis has been working with chefs from the country to solve your problems. Our unique methods allow for seed free, dirt free, and most importantly, defect-free microgreens in every order.

We're changing the landscape of microgreens by employing a scientific methodology to our approach. We've developed a system of microgreen production that yields a more flavorful and incredibly consistent product with twice the shelf life. We achieve this by producing a growing environment that puts just a little bit of stress on the plant. By emulating some of the stressors that exist in conventional growing environments, the plant is forced to compensate and the results are incredible. When grown hydroponically (a more common method) microgreens can become dull in flavor, because they simply do not have to work as hard. When compared to MicroGenesis, you will immediately find that our stems have beautiful color, the leaves are consistent and hearty, and the flavor is incredibly impactful.    

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Micro Greens

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are the young greens from vegetable plants that are harvested in early stages of growth, usually harvested within 10-14 days. They have been used by chefs, and more recently by home cooks, to add flavor, color, and texture to their dishes. 

Through our unique and scientific approach to microgreen production, we've been able to develop a product that doubles the shelf life, and vastly improves the depth of flavor. 



Stages of Microgreens

Our research and development team has invested a significant amount of time in developing a system to ensure consistency. Our true leaf system is an industry first and allows us to grade our final product so chefs and consumers can be assured that they will receive a consistent product each and every time. 

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