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What are microgreens?

Microgreens are photosynthetically active plants that are harvested immaturely for the combination of leaves and stem without the root. In culinary applications, microgreens are used primarily to add flavor and texture as a garnish. 

At MicroGenesis, we have developed unique methods that are concentrated on producing the most flavorful and consistent product possible. Many microgreen producers try to achieve this by using hydroponics to provide the easiest growing environment possible for the plant. We do things a little differently. 

We've found that by creating some strain on the plant during growth and by using a soil growing medium, you ultimately yield a higher quality product. While this might sound strange, by putting some stress on the young plants, they are forced to compensate producing and in the process become healthier, absorb more nutrients and develop a deep flavor.  We've also found that this produces a much more resilient microgreen that has double the shelf life than many other microgreens on the market. 

Many of the microgreens we grow develop beautifully colored stems, which you would not see in hydroponically grown microgreens. This is a sign of a healthy plant, and typically an indication of a higher quality. We've also developed an industry first grading system to ensure that our microgreens are consistent with every single order. difficult to achieve with such intensive agriculture. Our trueLEAF stages, we are able to identify different stages of growth. These stages have a variety of effects on flavor, nutrition, and appearance. 

Learn more about our TrueLEAf stages here >

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Microgreens make any dish breathtaking by adding:



The visual impact of microgreens is unmistakable.  With the bright greens and reds, microgreens can add a flavorful garnish to any dish.


Beyond their aesthetic value, microgreens are packed full of flavor and can help add another interesting layer when developing a dish.  



Recent research has shown that microgreens contain a significantly larger concentration of nutrients than further growth stages.



Both in presentation and consumption, microgreens provide a unique way to add a texture competent. 

What are the types of microgreens available?

We have a diverse and constantly growing inventory of microgreens. Examples of some of the microgreens we stock are: herbs (basil, cilantro, dill, etc.) vegetables (beet, kale, amaranth, etc.) and even flowers (sunflower and marigold.)



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Because of their intense flavor, a few microgreens can go a long way. Many of our products can make a valuable difference for less than $0.05 per palate. 


To improve shelf life, our microgreens are not pre-washed. We grow our microgreens in a controlled environment and treat them in a way where no human hands ever touch them. 


Currently, we are working on a new collection of living microgreens and research is almost complete. Our new and exciting take on living microgreens will be available soon. 


At MicroGenesis, we believe that sustainability is the key to the future of agriculture. We take all steps possible to be sustainable however, MicroGenesis is not certified by the USDA.